Development of Human Resources

17 Jan


The development of the human resources is one of the modern management pillars. Moreover, the modern administration cares for the quality of management performance through the development of the administrative policy and upraising the skills of the staff. Consequently, this leads to a higher level of business activity which helps in producing new and advanced results for the commercial activity.


According to this concept, TECHOFFICE keeps pace with this type of development for its human resources department. For instance, the employees of TECHOFFICE participated in the “Digitalk” workshop, which took place in Beirut, Lebanon on the 11th and 12th of December, 2016.


The objectives of the workshop:

  • How to form and post an advertisement on the social media
  • How to choose the best audience who would be interested in the advertisement
  • How to select the most suitable time for posting the advertisement
  • How to pick the most professional way of advertising in order to achieve a better result

In fact, the investment skills of the employees is the ideal one for achieving a successful modern management.


Mira Hammoud & Ali Merhi

TECHOFFICE Social Media Team

Shah Nawaz

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