Our Services Keep you Happy

TECHOFFICE, for IT Development Solutions, offers an inclusive range of various services to support businesses worldwide.

Web & Mobile App Design

Building an interactive marketing tool through a progressive website design will leave an incredible first impression on the visitors, leading to a better search engine.

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TECHOFFICE offers stunning visuals and designs while maintaining attractive branding and appealing graphic design making your website boundlessly distinct.

Furthermore, TECHOFFICE design creative brand logos and comes up with attractive names where it also preparing an overall presentation for each project.

Web & Mobile App Development

Bringing the design to life by developing websites while choosing the most suitable technology to deliver the desired look with proficiency in creation.

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TEHCOFFICE possess extensive knowledge in merging web systems and applications technically to confirm that your business is upheld righteously. For instance, TECHOFFICE:

  • Offers latest electronic developments required for each project
  • Develops smart applications on Google Play and Apple Stores for all digital devices.
  • Adds new features and providing thorough maintenance for websites and smart phone applications


Social Media Account Management

Involves the creation of a well-planned social media strategy to monitor and manage several marketing and advertising campaigns.

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Social Media Accounts Management goes by full and punctual control over your social media accounts to follow up with the progress made by the marketing and advertising campaigns.

Moreover, TECHOFFICE creates professional social media accounts on various platforms.

E-Commerce & Payment Solutions

Well-performed electronic commercial transaction and payment acceptance gateways for trading online with a complete e-commerce solution.

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TECHOFFICE helps you trade online with full e-commerce solutions comprising hundreds of products or maybe a simple payment gateway to accept customers transactions.

Social Media and Marketing

Using professional and impactful strategies to help keep your business well-recognized and benefiting from what the social media has to offer.

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Social media is part of everyday life and having an overall strategy is crucial for the success of your online business. The TECHOFFICE team can help you get the most from your activity.

TECHOFFICE prepares advertising campaigns available through media advertising platforms:

  • Campaigns by the means of social media
  • Campaigns by the means of Google and Yahoo engines
  • Campaigns by the means of social media celebrities

Digital Signage

Digital displays are dynamic and flexible in handling a multitude of functions
for every aspect of your business — entertaining customers with interactive
content, way-finding, product information and promotion, corporate
communication, and brand reinforcement.

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They also save you precious time and money versus traditional printing and
shipping. Regardless, the size of your business, we can always offer you a
customized solution to match your needs and budget and drive optimal ROI
for your business.

We help our clients in maximizing the potential of Digital Signage application
with innovative custom solution.

  • Video Walls
  • Interactive Touch Screens
  • Digital Menu Boards
  • Custom Content for Single or Multi-Screen Applications